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What is a "Bible Church?"
Source: IFCA International

Labels are important. They give identity, reveal character, and offer a sense of security in the presence of multiple options. Churches bearing the "Bible" label present a positive worship opportunity in a day of spiritual uncertainty. However, not all "Bible" churches have Bible in their name.

Conservatively Identified
Bible churches identify themselves with the conservative movement within Christianity. They align themselves with high standards of morality and ethics that are taken from the Bible. Bible churches consistently teach the Word of God to a world in need.
In the midst of the shifting sands of popular opinion, the Word of God provides personal, spiritual stability. Bible churches seek to measure the experiences of life by God's standard as revealed in the Bible. Thus, it is God's Word that is the core of preaching in Bible churches whether on Sundays, at funerals, or at socials. Bible doctrine is the strength of Bible churches.

Voluntarily Supported
Bible churches are self-supporting. While often involved in the fellowship offered in IFCA International, Bible churches remain independent, self-determining and self-supporting organizations. Following biblical examples, congregations are encouraged to give voluntarily, systematically, and proportionally. Such giving supports both local ministry and mission programs reaching around the world.

Uniquely Organized
Bible churches are organized churches often developed from a Bible study. Each church determines its own organization and government. There is no denominational structure to bring outside interference or control. Bible churches find identity with others through fellowships such as IFCA International.

Biblically Balanced
Bible churches are balanced churches. They adhere to the fundamentals of faith while addressing contemporary issues. They want to honor God by living according to the Bible. They utilize the strengths of biblical doctrine in the shaping of a social consciousness and sensitivity. Vital doctrines in the heart lead to valid experiences in life.

Mutually Committed
Bible churches are not perfect churches but a fellowship of churches committed to God and to one another. They love the Lord; therefore, they love all who belong to Him. You are invited to consider attending the worship services of a local Bible church.

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